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Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 18:03:53 -0800
From: Mark Pennington
Subject: Eating at the Apple, 1 of ?Eating at the Apple, an original story by Mr_MarkI realized at a fairly young age that I spent a large portion of my time in
a state of arousal. This isn't unusual for teenage boys; just about
anything can trigger an erection. I know just about anything did for me.
Hell, I once got a raging hard-on just holding hands with a girl!I considered myself straight. I'd steal the old young guys gallery man's porno magazines from
time to time. He used to get some pretty hard-core stuff. It didn't bother
me or cause me to think I was gay just because I enjoyed looking at the
pictures of all those blow-job scenes. After all, it was a woman sucking
the guy.I was 17 getting ready to start my junior year of High School. Over the
summer I'd spent some time in Seattle with a young latin girls cousin and had discovered what
peep shows were all about. While my cousin John was at work, I'd bussed
down to 1st Ave and checked out the many arcades there. Back then it was a
quarter for about 5 minutes worth of grainy 7mm film. Puss young Each booth played
one movie and it really wasn't hard to get company in a booth.And I had my offers. But, like I said, I considered myself straight. All of
the guys who tried to enter my booth were kindly turned away. Perhaps if
they had been younger or better looking it might have been different. As it
was, they were almost all older than my father and pretty gross as well.One day, I took the wrong bus and ended up near the Capital Hill area. I'd
passed by there before and had noticed an X-rated movie theatre, The Apple,
there before. Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to give it a shot.I had no problem getting in. I was big for my age and had some gray hair as
well. While I occasionally had trouble buying beer, I certainly could pass
myself off for 18. I soon made my way inside and took the first open seat xxx.young I
could find to give my eyes a chance to adjust to the dark.The action on screen was intense. Ron Jeremy was giving young foto nudist
it up the ass to
some babe who was eating out another. Not too bad. In no time, I was
tenting my jeans. That's when I started to look around. I was in the back
row, center seat or so. There were guys to either side of me, but nobody
seated right next to me. I could see that many of the guys were seated in
pairs with something obviously going on. To my left, a couple of guys who
looked to be in their late 40s were just about naked and engaged in some
serious tonsil hockey; not to mention that they were jacking each other off
like there was no tomorrow. To my right, a nice looking black guy was
getting blown by an Asian gent. Both were pretty into it but the black guy
noticed me staring and winked at me. That was when I realized that I was
rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.I sat back and returned my attention to the screen. My mind was racing. I'd
been watching guys getting each other off and had been turned on by it.
Maybe I wasn't as straight as I thought. I decided not to think about it
and just enjoy the young tgp mpeg
movie. I unzipped and grabbed my cock underneath my
briefs and started stroking. I figured that with everything else happening
around me, nobody would pay me any attention.It was then that somebody sat down next to me. I took my hand out of my
pants and looked over at him. Late 20s, good looking guy. No facial hair,
medium length brown hair, wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He seemed harmless
enough. young transsexuals I caught him checking me out as well. He had to notice the undone
pants. He didn't say anything, though. He just sat there. His legs were
slightly spread as were mine. Our knees were touching. I figured if he
didn't mind, why should I?I went back asian young boys
to watching the movie and slowly brought my hand back to my
crotch. I snuck a glance at my neighbor and saw him doing the same. I
couldn't take my eyes off it, though! His shorts were open and I could tell
he had nothing on underneath. His cock wasn't very big, 6 or 7 inches and
he was rock-hard. I had my cock in my left hand and was beating it pretty
good, no longer trying to cover up. I glanced up at my neighbor and saw him
watching me watch him!I felt his leg press against mine, rubbing up and down. I looked at his
face and he smiled at me. Before I could lose my nerve, I placed my right
hand on his left hand there on the armrest between us. I was very naive. I
wasn't sure if I was reading the signals right and didn't want to be
rebuffed by this suddenly very sexy man.His hand gripped mine and our fingers began to twine young nn top and stroke. He brought
my hand to his lips and kissed it. At the simple touch of his lips on my
hand, my cock jumped. He released my hand and I stroked his smooth face. He
brought his lips toward mine and slowly kissed me. I released my cock young dancers
put my arms around him as our lips opened. I felt his tongue enter my mouth
and greet my tongue lovingly.We kissed for several minutes, our tongues dueling first in my mouth then
in his. I suddenly found his cock in my hand, not even thinking about doing
it. I started stroking it, young nude lola enjoying how another man's cock felt in my hand
while we kissed passionately.I kissed his cheek, his neck, his ear. I took the opportunity to whisper to
him that I'd never done anything like this before. He whispered back
reassuringly that I was doing just fine.I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently applying pressure. I let him
move me so that his cock was inches from my lips. He whispered that if I
didn't have to do this, he would still take care of me either way. I
reached out with my tongue and licked his cock- head. I was prepared for
the worst but found that the taste wasn't bad at all. Slightly salty but
not at all sour or gross. Emboldened, I parted my lips and took my first
cock into my mouth.I held it in my mouth for a young naturist pic second, getting used to the feeling.
Surprisingly, it felt good there. I swirled my tongue around it and started
bobbing my head, letting it slide through my lips. I just did what I'd
always imagined I'd want someone to do for me. It seemed to work; in a
short time, I felt it getting harder still and was rewarded with a gush of
sperm. After the initial burst, my lover pulled his cock out of my mouth
and shot the rest out against the seat back, apologizing profusely for not
warning me. I wasn't offended. I had no idea of the protocol behind such
things!Out of reflex, I'd swallowed the cum I'd received. Again, I was surprised
at the taste. I found that it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected. In no
time, we were kissing again, now with his hand on my trembling cock.I whispered that maybe young naturist pictures
he should just young naked naturists
jack me off since I was sure I'd come
pretty quick if he sucked me. He laughed softly and swiftly took my entire
7 inches in his mouth and throat.I gasped, drawing a few stares from the seats around me. I'd never felt
anything so good before! True to my warning, his expert mouth had me
shooting load after load down his willing throat.I was momentarily sated but still horny. (AH, YOUTH!) As we sat there
leaning against each other, I whispered to him that my first time was
wonderful but that I wished we could have had a little more private and
comfortable session. He replied, telling me that he lived not far from the
theatre and would love to have me visit him tomorrow. I eagerly committed
his address to memory and promised to be at his apartment by 9:00AM
tomorrow.To be continued, if there's a desire...
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